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Telegram forbidden groups

1. Groups that promote violence or terrorism: This includes any groups that support or incite violence or terrorist activities, whether it be on a local or global level. 2. Hate groups: Groups that promote hatred or discrimination based on characteristics such as race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity. 3. Groups that engage in illegal activities: This includes groups that participate in illegal activities such as drug trafficking, cybercrime, fraud, or any other criminal activities. 4. Nudity or sexual content: Groups that contain explicit nudity, pornography, or sexual content are not allowed on Telegram. 5. Groups that harass or bully others: Any groups that target and harass individuals or groups based on their personal characteristics or beliefs are not permitted on Telegram. 6. Spam or phishing groups: Groups that are created for the purpose of sending spam messages or attempting to steal personal information through phishing scams are not allowed on Telegram. 7. Fake or impersonation groups: Groups that pretend to be a legitimate organization or individual with the intent to deceive others are forbidden on Telegram. 8. Copyright infringement: Groups that share copyrighted material without permission, including pirated movies, music, software, or other protected content. 9. Religious or political extremist groups: Groups that promote extremist ideologies or propagate religious or political propaganda. 10. Groups that violate local laws: Any groups that violate local laws or regulations, or promote activities that are illegal in a specific region, are not allowed on Telegram.