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Symbolism of every character in noli me tangere

Ibarra – Filipino hope. He symbolizes the efforts of the Filipinos in the reformist movement of the colony. Maria Clara – The symbol of innocence and naivety. She also symbolizes the typical Filipino woman, hounded by forces beyond her control. Crisostomo Ibarra – He symbolizes the awakening Filipino, whose commitment to his homeland leads him to confront any injustice. Kapitan Tiyago – Symbol of the Spanish colonial system characterized by unjust and dictatorial rule. Doña Victorina – Symbol of wealth and power which blinded her to reality and made her delude herself into thinking of a higher social class. Sisa – Symbol of unrequited maternal love and a victim of oppression. Elías – Symbol of the façade of the new Philippine society, imagining to be brave and different but ultimately only submitting to colonial influence. Padre Damaso – Symbol of oppressive Spanish colonial forces, turning religion against Filipino freedom.

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