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story, spank, jiggle, fat, sissy, squeal, laugh, wimp

, chubby, fasting “Well well well,” Allison laughed, giving Greg a playful spank on his jiggly bottom as he entered the room. “Look at you, all fat and squishy. What happened to that strict fasting diet you were on?” “I…I couldn’t resist,” Greg whimpered, his sissy tendencies coming to the surface as he blushed at the teasing. “I’ve just been craving sweets lately and I couldn’t resist indulging.” Allison raised an eyebrow at him, always finding his chubby wimpiness endearing. “You know, I have a few ideas on how to help you burn off those extra pounds.” Greg’s cheeks flushed even more as he imagined what kind of “exercise” she had in mind. He was a bit embarrassed about his weight gain, but also secretly enjoyed being teased about it by Allison. She always knew how to make him laugh and feel comfortable with his body, no matter what size he was. “All right, all right,” he finally caved, giggling as he jiggled his belly. “Let’s do it. Maybe if I squeal loud enough, the fat will jiggle off.” The two of them laughed and had a great time as Allison put Greg through a rigorous workout, complete with lots of teasing and playful spanks. By the time they were finished, Greg was exhausted but also feeling better about himself. He may not have reached his weight loss goals, but with Allison’s support and encouragement, he knew he could keep trying. Plus, he had a great time with his friend, and that was all that really mattered.