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specificly how much time the built in battery of ups can keep the line up

The amount of time a built-in battery within a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) can keep the power supply up will vary depending on a few factors including: 1. Capacity of the battery: The larger the capacity of the battery, the longer it can provide power to your devices. UPS batteries are typically measured in Volt-Ampere-Hour (VAh) or Watt-Hour (Wh) ratings. 2. Power consumption of connected devices: The devices connected to the UPS will determine how much power is being drawn from the battery. If the devices are using a lot of power, the battery will deplete faster. 3. Efficiency of the UPS: The efficiency of the UPS will also play a role in how long the battery can keep the power supply up. A UPS with a higher efficiency rating will use less energy from the battery to power connected devices, prolonging the battery life. 4. Age and condition of the battery: Like any other battery, the performance of a UPS battery may be affected by its age and condition. Regular maintenance and replacement of old batteries can help keep the UPS functioning properly. That being said, the average backup time for a UPS with a built-in battery is usually between 5-30 minutes. This should provide enough time to save any work and safely shut down devices. Some higher-end UPS models may have longer backup times, up to several hours, depending on the above factors.