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1 The Better Discord has a feature that allows users to generate invite links to share with others. Some ways to generate an invite link include: 1. Using the Invite Link Generator: Users can go to the Better Discord website and use the invite link generator to create a custom link to share with others. 2. Using the "+" Button: In the Better Discord interface, users can click on the "+" button in the bottom left corner and select the "Generate a Invite Link" option to create a link. 3. Server Settings: Server admins can also generate invite links by going to the server settings, selecting the "Invite People" option, and then clicking on the "Create Instant Invite" button. 4. Using a Command: In the chat window, users can type "/invite" followed by the name of the user they want to invite, and a link will be generated for them. It's important to note that invite links can only be created and shared by server admins, and they can also set expiration dates and usage limits for these links. This helps to ensure that the server does not get overcrowded or exposed to unwanted users.