Artificial Intelligence
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Shilia Devine

was quite clear on the admonishments of her new job with the center… “Mrs… excuse me, Shannon. Do you know what they do to little boys and girls in China when people like you go over there?” She opens up the goods. The starter, goodies maybe a complete meal. Watch out for the yummy from SuperPac for gals. It most assuredly is about twinkies. Watch them guardian cats. If it were not for those guys sitting right over there A frosty mug and a frosty mu’ came together A whole lot of pink And a little of the creator Sorrow and forwards smashing against each other In a blur of slamming fists and ivory comebacks Hope These twinkies will save you. No doubt they can save your bacon. Who needs a quarter when you can have a twinkie. How to make life’s moments difficult. Recreational governance. Plausible death. Twist upside down and let it all the heck hang on out. Buttered rum flavored swim lessons for the kids. $3.50 a swig. Fresh harvest. Met wrestling of the portent. Hurting everyone counts as rankings especially if old people are removed and we discuss the rated R things. Imagine that Click to email (Opens in new window) Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window) Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)