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Search the internet to find valid, reliable information on news or on issues that are in some way related to topics covered in Developmental Psychology. What are these issues? What is being said about them in the news? What, if any, laws are being debat

One of the key issues in Developmental Psychology is the effect of parenting on a child's development and well-being. Recently, a number of news articles have been exploring whether traditional parenting styles (such as the authoritarian or laissez-faire approach) are still effective in today's complex world. According to an article from The Guardian, traditional parenting styles have been largely superseded by more attentiveness and a more holistic approach that considers the physical, emotional and social factors that affect a child's development. Furthermore, a number of recent research studies have found that relying solely on traditional parenting styles can lead to issues like psychological or behavioural problems. In terms of laws, the US government is currently debating legislation to protect and promote supportive preparatory environments for parents with young children. Additionally, Canada and other countries are making early education and childcare more affordable in order to provide access to quality childcare for all families. From my research I learned that traditional parenting styles are no longer the preferred way of raising children. Parents need to take into consideration the physical, emotional and social needs of their children in order to effectively nurture them. I also learned that many countries are taking steps to provide families with more access to quality childcare and are trying to create supportive environments for parents with young children.

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