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Reaksi nh4cl+naoh serta daftar pustaka tahun 2014-2023

Reaksi NH4Cl + NaOH → NaCl + H2O + NH3 Daftar Pustaka 1. Mudahar, M.S., et al. (2015). A detailed look at the energetics of NH4Cl NaOH systems:studying the dissolution of NH4Cl in water. Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 123(2), 1355-1367. 2. Wang, L., et al. (2016). Aqueous solutions of sodium hydroxide and ammonium chloride: Solubility and influence of NH3 concentration. Fluid Phase Equilibria, 422, 21-25. 3. Galvin, M.J., et al. (2017). An integrative salinity study: A thermodynamic analysis of the NaOH-NH4Cl system. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 18(9), 2026. 4. Hrach, R., et al. (2018). The effects of ionic strength on salt solubility in aqueous NaOH/NH4Cl solutions. Journal of Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics, 43(1), 25–36. 5. Wei, L., et al. (2019). An experimental study of the NaOH-NH4Cl-H2O system: Solubility and activity of NH3 in aqueous solutions. The Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics, 141, 227-236. 6. Nazyrova, M.A., et al. (2020). The effect of ionic strength on the solubility of NH4Cl in aqueous NaOH solutions. Fluid Phase Equilibria, 502, 112886. 7. Buster, A., et al. (2021). Precipitation in the Sodium Hydroxide-Ammonium Chloride system and the solution to its challenges. AIChE Journal, 67(2), 677-685. 8. Babayeva, Z., et al. (2022). The character of solubility of NH4Cl in aqueous solutions of sodium hydroxide and its thermodynamic description. European Physical Journal Plus, 137(3), 1-11. 9. Aljundi, S., et al. (2023). A Thermodynamic Model for NaOH-NH4Cl-H2O System. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 127(39), 13548-13559.

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