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Private sector guideline for the national tuberculosis control program

1. Develop and implement a comprehensive plan that includes a. Establishing public-private partnerships and coordinating strategies with primary health care providers to better identify and treat TB cases b. Encouraging effective community engagement and public education initiatives c. Building a network of healthcare providers, diagnostics facilities, and hospitals for treatment and case management d. Ensuring effective management of drug supplies, laboratory support and data management e. Utilizing innovative technologies to improve TB diagnosis, treatment, and prevention 2. Promote policies that ensure equitable access to TB services and commodities, including free or subsidized access to TB-related healthcare services, drugs, and other diagnostics. 3. Support the implementation of programs focused on reducing disparities in detection and management of TB. 4. Address the underlying social determinants of TB and address issues of economic vulnerability, housing challenges, and access to prevention, treatment, and care. 5. Ensure standards and best practices are being met in the management of TB, with special emphasis on early and accurate diagnosis and effective case management and follow-up care. 6. Encourage ongoing research and development of therapies, diagnostics, vaccines, and approaches for early identification of TB disease. 7. Utilize evidence-based guidelines on TB prevention, control, and treatment. 8. Monitor and evaluate program performance to ensure effectiveness and a higher quality of care. 9. Advocate on behalf of people affected by TB, including vulnerable and hard-to-reach populations.

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