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Store bought costumes made of cheap materials can pull, pinch, and itch.Pirate wigs tend to never have perfect hair placement, and they itch like crazy!By Cassie Galasetti, Health Educator Halloween can be a fun and creative time for both children and adults.Keeping in mind that the scariest thing about Halloween is often the unhealthy and unnecessary products that are marketed to kids. In addition, one of the classic Princess Leia’s from the two movies can be re-created with a large white belt, ankle boots, and maybe a better wig. Consider what you are putting on your skin, hair, and nails this Halloween. Being creative and unique can add to the thrills, instead of more toxins! Check out the preteen-friendly costumes on Purecostumes. What costumes can your kids (and you) wear this Halloween that don’t play into stereotypes of sexed-up “fairytale” characters for girls and “macho” super heroes for boys? What costumes can be made or bought that are fun for your kids without having Dubious materials touching their skin?