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[Full Name] [Address] [City, State ZIP Code] [Email Address] [Phone Number] Objective: A highly motivated and experienced Cleaning Supervisor seeking to leverage my skills and expertise in managing and supervising cleaning operations to ensure high levels of cleanliness and customer satisfaction. Possess excellent leadership, communication, and time management skills with a strong eye for detail. Summary: - Over 5 years of experience as a Cleaning Supervisor in commercial and residential settings - Proven track record of managing a team of cleaners and overseeing all cleaning operations to ensure high quality and timely completion - Extensive knowledge of cleaning chemicals, equipment, and techniques - Able to develop and implement cleaning schedules, train and mentor staff, and maintain inventory of supplies - Excellent customer service skills and ability to build strong relationships with clients Work Experience: Cleaning Supervisor XYZ Cleaning Company, City, State [Dates of Employment] - Supervised a team of 15 cleaners, assigned tasks and provided ongoing training and feedback - Developed and implemented cleaning schedules for various clients, ensuring timely completion of tasks and high levels of customer satisfaction - Maintained inventory of cleaning supplies and equipment, ordered and restocked as needed - Conducted regular quality checks and addressed any issues or concerns with clients - Communicated with clients to understand their specific cleaning needs and tailor services accordingly - Handled customer complaints and resolved issues in a timely and professional manner - Coordinated with management to create new cleaning procedures and improve efficiency - Ensured compliance with safety protocols and proper use of cleaning chemicals and equipment - Conducted performance evaluations and provided feedback to the team, resulting in improved productivity and performance Cleaning Supervisor ABC Cleaning Services, City, State [Dates of Employment] - Managed a team of 10 cleaners and scheduled daily tasks to ensure efficient and timely completion - Trained and mentored new hires on cleaning techniques, safety procedures, and company policies - Conducted regular inspections to ensure high quality of work and maintained client satisfaction - Communicated with clients to understand their preferences and addressed any concerns promptly - Maintained accurate records of employee attendance, performance, and leave requests - Coordinated with the procurement team to purchase cleaning supplies and equipment - Assisted with budgeting and cost monitoring to ensure profitability of the cleaning department - Conducted regular safety trainings and enforced safety protocols to prevent accidents and injuries Education: High School Diploma [Name of High School], City, State [Year of Graduation] Certifications: - Cleaning Supervisor Certification, [Name of Certification Program], Year - OSHA Safety Certification, [Name of Certification Program], Year Skills: - Team management - Attention to detail - Time management - Customer service - Communication - Knowledge of cleaning chemicals and techniques - Budgeting and cost control - Safety protocols References: Available upon request.