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Please tell me how to gaokao in Chinese?

高考 (gāo kǎo) is the term used for the National College Entrance Examination in China, also known as the "gaokao". It is a standardized test administered once a year in June to high school students in China, typically lasting two to three days. Here are the steps to take the gaokao: 1. Preparation: Starting from high school, students in China are required to study a wide range of subjects such as Chinese, math, English, and science. They must also review and practice previous gaokao exam questions to familiarize themselves with the format and types of questions that may appear on the test. 2. Registration: Students must register for the gaokao in advance, usually in April. They need to provide personal information, such as their name, id number, and preferred university. 3. Taking the exam: The gaokao is typically divided into two or three days, with different subjects tested on each day. Students must arrive at the testing center early, bring their admission ticket and valid ID, and follow the rules and regulations set by the testing center. 4. Scoring: The gaokao is scored on a scale of 0-750. The scores will determine the student's eligibility for college admission and which universities and majors they can apply to. 5. University application: After the gaokao scores are released, students can apply to their desired universities through the national college entrance examination enrollment system. The application and admission process is highly competitive, and admission decisions are primarily based on gaokao scores. 6. Attending college: Once students are admitted to a university, they must submit their high school transcripts and other required documents to finalize their enrollment. The gaokao is a crucial event for students in China, and achieving high scores can lead to better opportunities and future success. It is a challenging and stressful process, but with hard work and determination, students can make the best out of their gaokao experience.