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Please teach me how to do a Mario impression.

Sure! Here are some steps to help you do a Mario impression: 1. Start by clearing your throat and taking a deep breath. You want to have a strong, clear voice for your impression. 2. Next, try to mimic Mario's Italian accent. Listen to clips of Mario speaking or watch videos of him to get a good idea of how he pronounces certain words and phrases. 3. One of the key components of a Mario impression is his catchphrase, "It's-a me, Mario!" Practice saying this with a strong, confident tone, and make sure to emphasize the "a" sound in "It's-a" to mimic Mario's accent. 4. For the rest of your speech, try speaking in short, choppy sentences, just like Mario. He tends to speak quickly and with a lot of enthusiasm, so try to match his energy level. 5. Another important aspect of Mario's voice is his high-pitched, nasally tone. Try to raise the pitch of your voice a bit and add a twang to your words to sound more like Mario. 6. As you practice, try to incorporate some of Mario's famous phrases into your impression, such as "Wahoo!", "Let's-a go!", and "Here we go!" 7. Lastly, have fun with it! Mario is a fun and lovable character, so don't be afraid to add your own spin and personality to your impression. Keep practicing and trying out different phrases and inflections, and soon you'll have a spot-on Mario impression!