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Please teach me how to do a Luigi impression.

Sure! Here are some steps to help you do a Luigi impression: 1. Start by practicing Luigi’s signature Italian accent. This is key to nailing the impression. Imagine you are speaking in a slightly exaggerated, cartoonish version of an Italian accent. 2. Next, focus on the pitch and tone of your voice. Luigi’s voice is usually higher pitched than his brother Mario’s, so try to speak in a slightly squeaky or nasally tone. 3. Observe the way Luigi speaks and the mannerisms he uses in the Mario games and cartoons. He often speaks in a timid or unsure tone, and tends to stammer and stutter when he gets nervous or excited. 4. Use phrases and words that Luigi often says, such as “Mama-mia!” or “Oh, no!” This will help make your impression more authentic. 5. To add physicality to your impression, picture Luigi’s body language and gestures. He often stands with his arms close to his sides, and has a lot of exaggerated movements when he’s scared or surprised. 6. Practice saying some of Luigi’s catchphrases or lines from the games, such as “Let’s-a go!” or “It’s-a me, Luigi!” This will help you get a feel for the character’s voice and personality. 7. Remember to have fun with it! Don’t worry about being perfect – the key to a good impression is to have a good time and embrace the character’s quirks and personality. That’s it! With some practice and a little bit of Luigi’s charm, you should be able to do a pretty convincing impression. Good luck!