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vids on CPHQ There are several cpvids on CPHQ (Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality) available on YouTube, featuring videos from various organizations and individuals. Some examples include: 1. "CPHQ Exam Preparation Tips" by the Healthcare Quality Association of Central Ohio: A panel of certified professionals share tips for studying and preparing for the CPHQ exam. 2. "Understanding CPHQ Exam Format and Content" by NAHQTV: An informational video explaining the content and format of the CPHQ exam, featuring a certified professional discussing their experience with the exam. 3. "CPHQ Exam Review Course" by the National Association for Healthcare Quality: A brief overview of their CPHQ Exam Review Course, which offers study materials and a two-day on-site course for exam preparation. 4. "How I Passed the CPHQ Exam" by May Anne Marcellana: A personal vlog by a newly certified professional sharing her experience and tips for passing the CPHQ exam. 5. "CPHQ - The Only Credential of Its Kind!" by the National Association for Healthcare Quality: An informational video highlighting the value and benefits of earning the CPHQ credential. These are just a few examples of the cpvids available online on CPHQ. You may also find review courses, study guides, and webinars from other organizations and individuals offering guidance and support for those taking the CPHQ exam in the Philippines.