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Pedomom links

1. Pedomom App: 2. Pedomom Facebook Page: 3. Pedomom Instagram Page: 4. Pedomom Twitter Page: 5. Pedomom YouTube Channel: 6. Pedomom Blog: 7. Download Pedomom App: - Apple App Store: - Google Play Store: 8. Pedomom Support Page: Update (2024-02-13): Links to other pedometry information site 300 Wahoo Problem Background on Controversy Schools Which schools are using pedometers? Finding pedometers need not be hard - Prime-Paramount Prime-Paramount sells pedometers and walking sticks. FitWatch Calorie counter and databases of information on calorie intake, pedometers, calculators and more. Plus information on BMI, water consumption and more. SuperTracker Pedometer Use More information about SuperTracker program Turning Pedometers into Classroom Learning Tools Samples and grade level worksheets.