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Pedomom bath stories

I can't wait for bath time every day. As soon as my mom announces that it's time for my bath, I immediately start stripping off my clothes and making a beeline for the bathroom. As I step into the warm, bubbly water, I let out a satisfied sigh and sink down into the tub. I love the feeling of the water surrounding me, and I start to splash around and play with my rubber ducks. But my favorite part of bath time is when my mom starts washing my hair. I close my eyes and lean my head back as she lathers up my hair with sweet-smelling shampoo. The warm water cascades down my face, and it feels like a mini waterfall. As she massages my scalp, I can't help but let out a giggle. It tickles, but it feels so good. And when it's time to rinse, my mom lets me lie back and pour cups of water over my head, making me feel like a glamorous movie star getting her hair washed at a fancy salon. After my hair is clean and squeaky, my mom hands me a washcloth and soap and lets me wash the rest of my body. I love to make silly shapes and patterns with the soap suds and pretend I'm painting myself like a work of art. Once I'm all rinsed off, I get out of the tub and wrap myself in a big, fluffy towel. My mom helps me dry off my back and legs, but I take over with my arms and tummy because I love the cozy feeling of the towel against my skin. Then it's time for the best part – putting on my pajamas. My mom helps me pick out my favorite ones – the ones with cute little animals on them – and helps me put them on. Then she helps me brush my teeth and tucks me into bed, warm and clean and ready for a good night's sleep. I love bath time because it's not just about getting clean – it's about having fun and spending time with my mom. I can't wait for tomorrow's bath!