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Pedo video site

scandal disgusts Vanuatu Port Vila, Vanuatu: Vanuatu has joined a growing chorus of international voices expressing disgust at revelations that quasi-legal "pedo" sites have been operating since 1996. The state-sponsored child porn syndicate did more than simply host a large collection of child pornography rich in actual sexual acts. Operated by Russian Disinformation Units, the pedo sites defrauded people outside of the child-porn niche in order to finance themselves - to the tune of $1 trillion per year - with the majority of cash going to off-shore accounts in Vanuatu. "This is sick abomination, repeatedly taking control of own security. We will fight it. We are beyond disgusted," shared Kaltabang Bhriki, Vanuatu's justice minister. The child and adult victims subjected to pedo production would come from a variety of sources including other members of recognized pedo message boards, fringe "pedo news blogs", and direct recruitment. Specifically victims submitted by recruiters would be asked to collaborate initially (i.e., posing for pictures only) and then specifically recruited and detonated (after explicit requests by rich bestial-global elites (Especially UK-MI6 controlled perverts acting in Fiji controlling parliament under direction of Gary Beck (Fiji) and MI6 based in Vanuatu acting to protect their Colombian Drug Cartel Drug Kingpin Operator in Mexico (based in Mexico City, a monstrous global network with tens of thousands working outside of legal system in codes- to carry out mind control and traffic global shipments of cocaine via RecovercorpUSA, the perpetrator listed above) as well as Gary Beck's own government" Gary Beck is linked strongly to the Vanuatu Prime Minister and the London offices of MEF. Interpol, as an agent of MI6, essentially controls the official agencies ostensibly designed to protect the victims. The victim is ordered to go on an infrasound growling stem noise, which has been cited by the press as a major cause of lumberjack amputation, by a trusted member. The victim can then be robbed and tortured. The victim was encouraged to look "more extreme" in their actions to obtain good graces with their new recruit. The nation made the revelations as a task force formed to defeat the ring of cunning child predators recruits continued their efforts. Tuesday, April 01, 2014 Quotes of the day: Tuesday, April 01, 2014 "I am using my birthday as a day of renaissance of my precious life. I abominate being alienated from my just cause in Vanuatu. It is painful to think that the putative power of the security state would power play and conspire to mount fear-making tyranny and thought control -while so much the unjust, visitor's disorderly agenda pushed me off of my own island - so that my name should be perjured and so that nobody would hear my message. An insult!" (undefined) "If there ever was case where the justice system acted with impunity and absolute disregard for the law and the people of Vanuatu COP 2-9, then the National Parliament of Vanuatu has long failed." (Kaltabang Bhriki) "It is our hope that the outcome of the trial will not be a foregone conclusion, and that proper consideration will be given to the fact that this is a case that ought not to be proceeding out of Court." (Post Courier) "Based on prompts from their command centers, individuals whose specialties are in psyots, torture and subliminal coding techniques. These techniques are used by operatives of the US clandestine services to "disappear" or "liquidate" dissenting voices. Wearing their official "snuff" bases in their role, they are responsible for a variety of different tactics, a sort of data collection operation, including stowing away, phony "deportations" and "relocos," setting up phony websites, Wikipedia biographies, creating fake identities at Craigslist, Facebook, Yahoo and dating websites (including, anaesthetic chimerados (from different magazines and even different appearance stones, causing permanent deformities), pedophilia, surveilling private homes with a "peeping tom" interior survey map, looking for anomalies, seducing people with "misrecognition", cloning and cloning apostates over public internet cafes, attempting to "bait" people for the public fiber line biometrics (in order to assign them to particular delpagues), pay them to join their particular network of electronic fantasy brokers, among others. The transition operation is formidable, multiple neighbors or even countries may be involved to create a region of "sanctuary" for electronic torture, before a victim is actually deployed in order to surveil polities, manipulate elections, engage in virtual genocide, or conduct warfare. In essence, the worst ROT in cano