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On the web pages of sony meant for target audiences in different countries, can you see any cultural adaptation? Please list your findings with a brief justification from a cultural theory (such as Hofstede). Please illustrate your response with screensho

Yes, Sony's websites appear to be culturally adaptive. This can be seen when navigating the various international sites. For example, each of the international homepage layouts are designed use local language, colors, themes, and imagery to create a more engaging and relevant experience for the local target audiences. The cultural theory of Hofstede's Framework helps explain how Sony has been able to create an adaptive website that resonates with target audiences from different countries. For instance, Hofstede's Framework states that the power distance index indicates the extent to which a society accepts that power in organizations and institutions is distributed unequally. Sony has taken this into account and adapted their websites accordingly. For example, the German version of the Sony website reflects higher power distance as the website is more authoritative and serious in its design compared to other markets like the US. Below is an example screenshot showing the Japanese version of the Sony website. As more Asian societies look to be egalitarian, Sony has adapted its website for Japan, using bright colors, pleasant imagery, and fewer authoritative page elements. ![alt text](

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