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On the web pages of samsung meant for target audiences in different countries, can you see any cultural adaptation? Please list your findings with brief justification from a cultural theory (such as Hofstede). Please illustrate your response with screensh

Yes, there are many examples of cultural adaptation on Samsung's website. For example, on the UK page for Samsung mobile phones, the website is adapted to the United Kingdom's cultural values and preferences. In the header of the page, buyers can filter their search results based on brand, price, color, and age of the phone, all of which are factors that are important in the British culture. According to Hofstede’s Dimensions of National Culture, the United Kingdom scores high in the “uncertainty avoidance” cultural dimension, compared to the U.S., so it is important for users in the UK to be able to filter and search for their phones according to their desires. Another example of cultural adaptation can be seen in the pictures selected to market the mobile phones. Cultural symbols, such as iconic British landmarks, are displayed on the page to evoke feelings of national pride and comfort in potential customers. Additionally, the language used on the page is targeted to the UK audience, as common British slang is used to highlight the features of the phones. Below is an example of Samsung's website adapted for the UK audience. ![alt text]( epics/SS-Galaxy-S21-UK-EN_2020-12-16-1038.jpg)

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