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Name and describe at least 5 types of wetlands.

(1) estuarine wetlands - tidal areas at the junction of freshwater rivers and saline waters, characterized by semi-diurnal tidal ranges; (2) freshwater marshes - low-lying, marshy areas that are permanently saturated with water and dominated by emergent vegetation and other wetland species adapted to life in water; (3) peatlands - are wetlands that are characterized by accumulations of organic matter known as peat, which accumulates in water-saturated soils; (4) coral reefs - warm marine ecosystems located in shallow, sunny waters and defined by the presence of hard coral skeletons; (5) mangrove swamps - tropical and subtropical wetlands dominated by trees of the genus Rhizophora, as well as other species adapted to live in water. They are typically found in coastal areas with salty water, and are important for providing habitats for fish, shellfish, and other aquatic wildlife.

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