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Name 5 water related indicators under the dimensions of development

1. Access to clean water sources: This indicator measures the proportion of the population with access to safe and reliable sources of drinking water, including piped water, protected wells and springs, and rainwater collection systems. 2. Water scarcity: This indicator reflects the level of water stress in a particular region or country, taking into account factors such as population, water availability, and water usage. 3. Sanitation facilities: This indicator tracks the percentage of the population with access to improved sanitation facilities, such as toilets and sewage systems. Lack of access to such facilities can lead to water contamination and health issues. 4. Water quality: This indicator measures the level of pollutants and contaminants in freshwater sources, which can impact the health and well-being of local communities, as well as aquatic ecosystems. It is often measured by the presence of bacteria, chemicals, and other indicators of water quality. 5. Economic productivity and water use efficiency: This indicator looks at the relationship between water use and economic development. It measures how efficiently water resources are being utilized for economic purposes, such as agriculture and industrial processes, and assesses the potential impact on water availability for other sectors and environmental sustainability.