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...we found pretty Nada Nada and her friend Ali proudly displaying the shops signs Young Medina residents Nice little kittie in the pottery shop this little boy was posing like a pro Cool hiding place Wicker baskets big enough for either one of us Blue walls that still look freshly painted So this Middle Eastern nation is not entirely Arab. The population is only about 60% Arabic, with the remainder numbering Jews, Berbers, Nomads, and others. It can be a bit confusing though, as the word Bertah refers to anyone who is not Arabic but who also does not claim any other more specific tribe. The point here is this, Moroccan culture is very diverse. The country intially gained independence from the French (who colonized Morocco) in 1956, beginning a time of new found freedom and growth. Morocco is also not unlike other Middle Eastern countries in its faith- being 99% Muslim, the most popular branch of Islam complex is the Malikite Assembly of which is found predominantly in the north of the country.So as a surprise to neither of us, the first thing Ali and I do after checking into our Marrakesh guesthouse (the Riad Massine II) is slip off to our own tiny balcony for unobstructed view