Artificial Intelligence
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Looking for those 2 Dropbox names ! Can anyone ID this guy? There are threads in the archive called anything but he is certainly model material in these pics...just in his very first series me thinks. Sorry they are a little unclear! Thanks in advance Anything on Kai? Thanks Where are you getting these from? Some of us understand how to reconstruct the names so as to avoid getting fed up with being interrogated though. We’re always willing to share the names and pics so please don’t make it so difficult lol. More of him ID on the photo set/company? I might have some of these in storage idk! >>13933 where did you pull the second one from?have seen both of these before… Here he is again….. Some more to assist the search for sI >>13982 He was on when I bought the sputni. That was like 6 years ago though. No idea if their website still exists or if the video is still available there.