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. And Anacalypsis, yeah, one up there as well. And Thor didn't get time to edit it. I'll spoil it for you. Watch the whole thing for 10 hours plus. Yeah. You'll know who's got the biggest will between Alkaisian or Anacalypsis. Exactly. I'm calling it now. I'll give you a hint. Penis size isn't proportional to will power. Yes. Watch the whole thing and you'll see the hijinks as Mega is struggling to think of something to post every day. So, yeah, it'll be very interesting and I hope people enjoy it. And also another good thing about the Anacalypsis and Alkaisian double feature is that that occurrence will not hit next year. I'll leave that for your imagination to decide. All judgment wars are going to envy it. Yes, judgment wars envy this everybody. Exactly. It's better. It's about a million times better. Yes. And like, like every page is an occurrence turning up. Some of them twice. Any other thoughts here? Um, that is definitely going to be the deciding factor in this Occurences wars mega. If we actually include like more than the two pages we did. Yes. Like a lot of them were in black and white. The images are so perfectly fitting of the action. But now I'm seeing it for the first time, but wow, it was a great job of wrapping that up. Thank you. An Occurences's will for daddy, that's right. You have to watch it all the way through, all 10 hours worth, and you'll find out who is the daddy. Roll daddy. Yes, it's all thanks to MicroBossbros uploading that image that the everything is okay and also An Occurences just happened to be online at the right time. So Yes. It's definitely a thousand times better than Judgment Wars, everybody. No, you'll get to see how An Occurences can be in pain and still continue. 10 hours worth of pain and still continue right near the end. Yes. I will give this like very few works I've seen that can match this on tension like quick tension struggle in a single image, but it deserves every year for present. Jesus for the potential. Thank you. I'm definitely looking forward to the future of An Occurences. And yeah, I hope this as a climax will make people curious and want to see more of what I've got planned. It took me long to meet this. You're welcome. All right, I guess it's time to move on to your other work. Which my other work? Don't you have another one? Yeah, I've got lots of other work, but we're skipping some of this for now and moving on to the other comic that you've been excited about since the beginning of this year. Oh, okay, yep. You can pre-order it. So this is the work that I'm most proud of, where Daddy watches over me, benefiting Umihei, supporting our fallen comrade 249er. This was posted so far today, so you'll all have to special one on that. It's free. It's free for all sides, hey guys. Yes. It's pretty awesome. I'm happy with everything that we've done in the art. When people finished playing it, they'll see the new characters and everything else, but that's for another night for another stream. I think for now, we should talk about what we should talk about in the Christmas carol. So Christmas Carol is going to be in Days of Future Past, Christmasy. We'll probably do one web page that won't relate to Days of Future Past. So Christmas Carol would be more of like maybe a add-ons to Days of Future Past, but then probably about 80 more pages to Christmas Carol. And that'll wrap up everything and make it all nice and wrapped in a bow and perfect. Yes. And when Christmas Carol comes back in 2018, it will believe. Strictly be in case. However you pronounce it. Christmas Carol, Christmas Carol, Christmas Carol. This festive webcomic was macroposted up today. And with this post that I've created right here, you will see everything you need to know. And it's probably what, like I said, like my Christmas present to all of you guys. I even paid for it myself. Like I'm not sponsored by anyone. So it's entirely fully free. Unless obviously you want to donate to me or something. But I mean, yeah. Donate to you. I'm okay to give you Patreon. I got past donating to you for this. Thank you. So, I guess maybe we might talk more about it in the future. But for now, does anybody have any other comments for today's show? Tonight's show? Oh, well. Why? I think. Well, we don't have the new character designs for Christmas Carol. Not just yet. They'll come out in in 24th. They won't come out in MegaRecycle. We have to wait until Christmas Day. Christmas Carol. Yeah, don't come out until Christmas Carol. Don't be. They'll just be winked at subtly. There'll be a preview of the new character designs and that'll be it. Yeah, MegaMaster says it's important to emphasize the scout seen in Daddy Watch Over Me will not appear in Christmas Carol webcomic, not in any way related. The canon can. But kind of like more of an Easter egg. Yes. Think of it as like, after watching everything, you eventually find a Easter egg. But it's obvious, but it's not obvious. It's the easiest kind of Easter egg available. Yes, probably like how there was an Easter egg in the thumbnail released in Sans' thumbnail where we saw Alagai something for the first time. Yes. MegaMastas came with the story of Christmas Carol, let us buy it, it was great. It's my, it's a part of my first good story. Thank you. It was released for your free entertainment as a present. Yes. Anything else? Yes, Meg? Anything else? Shigetsuethscouts dagger design? Will never know. She's like, she's leeto, you'll never see her again. Sorry, maybe in another like mini web comic in the future, but at this point in time, no. Like, like judgment wars will never happen again. Once it, once the series has completed, it's done and dusted. I mean, it may come up in like other web comics, but obviously like, you know, big strong memes like will most likely will not recurr any time soon. Oh, mutant scats? Oh, obviously mutant scats. You'll definitely see her in 2018. She was like, I was still drawing like the new AU version of her for 2018. Her finale, you might see, you might not see mutant scats be good at swords. She's like a cook, really good cook and also a blacksmith. But you don't know that yet. But anyway, I think that the perfect person to end the show is Alex. And we shall end here and call it a night. Is there any other images I need to prepare for entering in the show? Anything you want to show? Is there a little exposition? I think so, because Mega has to sleep. Mega Zipper. Is there anything else? That I can think of? No, actually there is more yet. Oh, I don't know what Thrall looks like. Yes, I don't know what Thrall looks like either, because this is my main clothing choice. I don't know how Thrall-- How the doodie doo will look like in Grog? His eyes are really wide-- We'll probably can never see the redo running by. All right, I think that should be it for now. So we shall play the music and we'll see you all next time. Update (2024-07-06):!6GhRyaqY Vania the Pumpkin Posts: 6 Member #647 Oct 14, 2019 after the great purge, i could download the bios, just that Mega website is a Show add. I really don't want to promote Mega but considering the hurdles (just saw madmachine's post) BIOS sites are going through, promoting mega is preferable for obvious reasons - at you risk be careful! Might just have something to do with their limited free storage width for such downloads.