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male spanked on fat bottom, everyone laughs at him

The male stood in the center of the crowded room, his head hung low in shame. His once dignified posture was now reduced to a slouched and submissive stance. All eyes were on him, eager to witness his punishment. As his wife stood behind him, a large wooden paddle in her hand, she scolded him for his misbehavior. His bottom, already plump and round, seemed to shake in fear at the sight of the paddle. The room erupted into laughter, taunts and jeers filling the air. With a quick motion, the paddle came crashing down onto his exposed flesh. A loud smack echoed through the room, causing the laughter to intensify. The male let out a yelp of pain and gripped onto the nearby table for support. But his humiliation was far from over. His wife continued to rain down a series of sharp and stinging blows on his backside, each one met with more laughter and mockery from the onlookers. Some even took out their phones to capture the moment and share it with their friends. Despite his pleas for mercy and promises to behave better in the future, the spanking continued until his bottom was glowing red and sore. Tears streamed down his face as he was finally released and told to stand in the corner, his punished bottom on full display. The room erupted into cheers and applause as his wife stood victorious, the paddle still in her hand. The male was a broken man, his pride shattered and his bottom bruised. Everyone had gotten a good laugh at his expense, and he could only hope to redeem himself in their eyes in the future.