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Make me a list of the most important milestones in the relationship between Russia and Latin America

1. Soviet Union's involvement in the Cuban Revolution (1959): This marked the beginning of an era of close alignment between the two regions. 2. Establishment of the ALBA grouping (2004):The Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) was founded by Venezuela and Cuba the congratulation of regional integration and the the promotion of socialist ideals. 3. Formation of the Russia-Latin America Business Council (2014):This business council was formed to facilitate commerce between the two regions and to serve as a platform for joint initiatives in trade, finance and investments. 4. Growing presence of Russia’s oil giant, Rosneft, in Venezuela (2017): Rosneft began operations in Venezuela in 2017, primarily in the oil and gas sector, and this is part of a larger strategy to increase energy-game cooperation between Russia and Latin America. 5. Launch of joint space exploration initiatives between Russia and Brazil (2018): This plan involves projects such as remote sensing of the Earth’s environment, orbital debris monitoring, and joint launches of Russian rockets from Brazilian territory. 6. Joint military exercises between Russia and Venezuela (2019): Russia offered Venezuela assistance in its defense sector and the two countries conducted joint military exercises “Indepencia 2019.” 7. Growing ties between Russia and Nicaragua (2020): Russia is looking to forge closer economic ties with Nicaragua and is also providing political support to the socialist government of President Daniel Ortega.