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Long transcript of Tangled the series. Cassandra revealing about her crush on Alex, Princess Willow’s adopted son to Rapunzel. Queen Arianna was asked by Rapunzel, and Arianna confirmed about the couple relationship of Cassandra and Alex, despite that he’

Rapunzel:"What's going on between Alex and Cassandra?" Queen Arianna: "I'm glad you asked, Rapunzel, and the truth is...they're in love. Despite the age difference, they just clicked and now they want to get married." Cassandra: "It's true. Alex is my best friend. He's so sweet and caring. When I'm around him, I feel like I can accomplish anything. He understands me in a way no one else does. We talked about it, and we believe that we're ready to take this next step." Rapunzel: "Wow, I'm so happy for you both. I'll do whatever I can to help you!" Alex: "Thank you, Rapunzel! I'm really excited too. I know it might be weird because I'm younger than Cassandra, but I've never felt like this before." Cassandra: "Well, weird is kind of our thing. But I know this is right. We can grow together and keep each other safe and happy." Update (2023-11-11): Rapunzel: Queen Arianna, does Cassandra have a crush on Alex? Queen Arianna: Yes, it's true. Rapunzel: What? Queen Arianna: It was only recently that Cassandra and Alex realized their true feelings for one another, and since Alex is a little younger than Cassandra, it made it slightly awkward at first. Nevertheless, I believe that they were meant to be together, and their bond is only strengthening each day. Rapunzel: I had no idea. Queen Arianna: It's really quite lovely to see the two of them express their love for each other, and I know they both feel very fortunate to have found one another.

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