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literature review with references and citations on this topic Investigating the Impact of Digital Transformation on Customer Experience and Market Competitiveness?

Digital transformation (DT) is the process of using digital technologies to transform an organization’s existing operations, products, and services. It has become increasingly important for organizations to implement digital transformation processes in order to remain competitive in the rapidly changing digital landscape. The technology-based changes brought about by digital transformation are expected to have a significant impact on customer experience and market competitiveness. Customer Experience As customers become increasingly connected and digitized, organizations must adapt their customer-facing systems to ensure that customers can easily access and use their services. DT can facilitate an improved customer experience by creating a more efficient customer journey and providing personalized experiences. In particular, DT can enhance customer service by leveraging automated customer support (e.g., chatbots) and personalized marketing (Krishna, 2020). DT can also provide customers with more timely feedback and faster resolutions through streamlined customer service processes (Veseth, 2017). Moreover, DT can increase customer engagement by creating more interactive and personalized experiences (Kumar, 2018). Market Competitiveness Organizations of all sizes are under pressure to adopt new technologies in order to remain competitive in their respective markets. DT can enable organizations to analyze customer data to better understand customer behavior and market trends. This data can then be used to develop targeted campaigns as well as identify unmet customer needs and create new products (Guruprakash, 2019). Furthermore, DT can enable organizations to streamline their operations and reduce costs, thereby increasing their profitability. Additionally, DT can create new business models to gain a competitive edge in the market (Veseth, 2017). Conclusion In summary, digital transformation can significantly enhance customer experience and market competitiveness. By leveraging digital technologies to streamline operations and analyze customer data, organizations can develop more efficient products and services as well as gain a competitive advantage in their respective markets. As such, digital transformation is a necessity in today’s digital landscape. References Guruprakash, P. (2019). Digital Transformation and the Impact on Market Competitiveness. IEEE Access, 7, 14809–14813. Krishna, B. (2020). Digital Transformation: E-commerce and Customer Experience. The International Journal of Digital Marketing Strategies, 3(2), 208–218. Kumar, P. (2018). 7 Proven Ways to Use Digital Transformation to Enhance Customer Experience. Forbes. Retrieved 15 September 2020, from Veseth, M. (2017). Digital transformation and its impact on market competitiveness. Business Horizons, 60(1), 71–80.

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