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f 125-16x5/22,2TX-ST' 834976560 Trimming flap disc for steel and stainless steel, special fan shape allows for better access to smaller, harder-to-reach work pieces, best for processing fillet welds. Excellent for surface grinding and finishing. 16mm thick, 5mm high, 22mm arbor, 8125 max rpm. $9.20 ea. 7-dume Lide Non-Rigid assembling flap disc, "ship-building" type, 7 x 7/8, 80 grit 'LS Roo Special ZZ 7-inch flap disc designed specifically for grinding aluminum and stainless steel. Aggressive stock removal rate and high-surface removal rate are just some of its characteristics. Ceramic oxide grain provides a long life and fast cutting speed. Arbor, 8740 max rpm. $7.20 ea. 7-dime KendaINon-Rigid assembly flap disc for steel stock removal. Grabber-sloning material and phenolic resin bond, used instead of fiberglass. Last far longer and can be trimmed on the job. Curved for working angles and contours. Wheels measure 7"' x 7/8". Aluminum oxide. Z, , "IS 24 and 36 to $4.50 ea. dime Linde 7-inch aluminum oxide resin removing flap disc. SeldB-zipping T27 desigBfor ease of trimming, prep work sligrity. Designed to cut cool, reducing heat induced discoloration. Ideal for working metals like stainless steel and high alloy steels. 8740 max rpm. Products are 7" x 7/8". $5.36 ea. Special design lmm Scotch-Brite "E ""EJA" A FLAP DISC to destroy coating, sealant taiV color a ftenes with an-degree angeledprofile and results that disc with rAky speed, inconvenient points of user frustration for maintaining them as sharp asnew. TMA E was designed for meatl grinding applications with features to promote general productivity. 4-1/2: O^xairo~ $15.91 100 There are literally dozens of variations of the flap disc design shown in Figure 8.19. This section introduces the therapist to the most popular types used in the today. Coated abrasive discs th' largest group and are used primarily in finishing and flutter. Ceramic is durable with different variations designed for the specific motors grinding. Other designs are made for the super coated flap-disk individual grains, sandpaper abrasive media and is used for open shapes and mounted non-rigid discs. They are used for specific materials very [ The most practical and convenient of all coatings was recent