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is ups can work without external battery

support? or Which type of ups can run external battery There are two main types of UPS units: standalone and line-interactive. 1. Standalone UPS: A standalone UPS is designed to work without external battery support. It includes a built-in battery that powers the connected devices during a power outage. These types of UPS units are typically used for smaller devices such as desktop computers, routers, and other home electronics. 2. Line-Interactive UPS: A line-interactive ups can work with or without external battery support. It uses an automatic voltage regulator (AVR) to adjust the incoming power and keeps it within a safe range. If the power outage continues longer than the built-in battery can support, the UPS will automatically switch to external battery support. These types of UPS units are commonly used for larger devices such as servers, network equipment, and other critical systems. In summary, both standalone and line-interactive UPS units can work with external battery support. However, a line-interactive UPS is more versatile and can provide longer backup power during a power outage.