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Is the American revolution Wars met jus ad bellum principles

It is difficult to determine whether or not the American Revolution Wars fully met the principles of jus ad bellum, as the concept did not exist in its modern form during the 18th century. However, some aspects of jus ad bellum were present in the revolutionary cause. 1. Just Cause: The American colonists believed that they were fighting for a just cause, as they were being taxed without representation and denied basic rights by the British government. 2. Right Intention: The colonists' intention was to establish an independent nation and secure their rights and liberties, rather than to expand territory or gain power. 3. Last Resort: The colonists attempted to resolve their grievances through peaceful means, including petitions and boycotts, before resorting to war. 4. Proportionality: The colonists believed that their actions were proportionate to the oppression they were facing from the British government. 5. Reasonable Chance of Success: Despite being outnumbered and outgunned, the colonists believed that they had a reasonable chance of success in their fight for independence. However, there were also aspects of the American Revolution Wars that did not adhere to jus ad bellum principles. For example: 1. Right Authority: The colonists did not have legitimate authority to declare war on the British government, as they were not recognized as a sovereign nation. 2. Public Declaration: While the Declaration of Independence served as a public declaration of grievances against the British government, it did not follow the formal procedures for declaring war outlined in modern jus ad bellum principles. 3. Discrimination: The revolutionary forces did not always adhere to the principle of discrimination, as they targeted both military and civilian targets during the wars. Overall, while the American Revolution Wars may have been fought for a just cause and with honorable intentions, they did not fully adhere to the principles of jus ad bellum.