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if you have not already Join This will take you to the server where you can start using Discord to communicate with your friends and participate in the community. To join a specific text or voice channel within the server, simply click on the channel name in the left sidebar. This will bring you into the channel, where you can start typing in the text channel or talking in the voice channel. To communicate with other members, you can type in the text channels or join the voice channels and speak with a microphone. You can also send direct messages to other members by clicking on their username and selecting "Message" from the drop-down menu. If you ever need help or have questions about using Discord, you can ask for assistance in the server's #help channel. The server's moderators and other members will be happy to assist you. And that's it! You're now ready to start using Discord and chatting with your friends in real-time. Have fun! Update (2024-03-22): : Note: The link provided is fictitious and should not be used. Please visit the Discord website to generate a valid invite link for your server. Update (2024-05-21): came from same Wifi/network 27 Aug 2018: Whatsapp said: > We understand the importance of keeping your trust. T Update (2024-05-27): : 9cnbHG44gB Return to Offers for beta testers Who is online