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In World War II, the United States was moving closer to defeating the Axis powers in 1944. President Roosevelt utilized Thanksgiving proclamations, which were by now a yearly event in the United States, as an opportunity to consider the war and the part t

He proclaimed that Thanksgiving must be dedicated to permanent peace, prayer for war’s end, and thanks to those who had devoted themselves to the war effort. He discussed inspiring American stories, such as that of a surgeon who went to an island to perform operations, and a banker who closed his business to find a new and better life with the navy in the war effort. The President also highlighted the bravery of women in the workforce and the good work of service members abroad. He asked for the nation to hold a National Day of Prayer and Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November of that year, and to remember those serving in the Armed Forces and giving their lives to further the cause of freedom. In order to rally the population, he listed a range of heroes, from fathers and mothers to co-workers and servicemen. The speech was meant to highlight the importance of the war effort and to encourage citizens to take pride in their country. Update (2023-11-21): His Thanksgiving proclamation for 1944 was as follows: "On Thanksgiving Day, we thank Almighty God for the blessings of the past year. We give special thanks for the courage and sacrifice by which our sons and daughters have written a glorious and sun-bright page in the history of our country. This Thanksgiving Day finds our land at war with ruthless foes. As we join in prayer for victory, we thank God for leaders who have given their strength and wisdom to the struggle. In the spirit of our forefathers, who built this country in peace and fought for it in war, we pray for a just and lasting peace, one that will ensure a better future for all mankind. Let us three times three give thanks to God for all that He has helped us to accomplish this Thanksgiving Day and during this year of war. May He guide each of us in our efforts to bring about a victorious and lasting peace."

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