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In the book To Kill a Mockingbird. •Point out one example of African American Vernacular English (AAVE) in Chapter 12. •What was the impact of Lee using that example of AAVE instead of Standard English? From Calpurnia

’s dialogue, "It's just fresh air" (Lee 114), we can see an example of AAVE. The use of "just" instead of "only" and the omission of "the" before "fresh air" are both characteristic features of AAVE. The impact of Lee using this example of AAVE is that it adds authenticity and depth to Calpurnia's character and allows the reader to better understand her perspective and background. AAVE is a distinct dialect spoken by many African Americans, and by including it in the dialogue of a black character like Calpurnia, Lee is showing the reader the cultural and linguistic differences between the white and black communities in the book. It also showcases the power dynamic between the white Finch family and their black housekeeper, as Calpurnia is expected to speak in Standard English while in their presence. Overall, the use of AAVE adds depth to the story and highlights the complexities of race and language in the segregated society of Maycomb.