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In circumstances unrespired lungs may float in the water which is putrefaction and artificial respiration and how does it make the lungs float in water. Can you Discuss each?

Unrespired lungs typically float in water due to air trapped in their small air passages. When the lungs are submerged in the water the air within their airways acts like a buoyant force that pushes them to the top. Putrefaction is the decomposition of a dead organism, often involving the release of foul smelling substances as the tissue breaks down. Putrefaction of lungs in water will cause anaerobic bacteria to grow on the tissue, which releases gases like methane and ammonia that provide the lungs with additional buoyancy to keep them afloat. Artificial respiration is a medical procedure that is used to restore breathing in someone who has suffered from foundered or stopped breathing. This procedure involves using a ventilator to force air into a person's airways, which can also help provide some buoyancy to keep the lungs afloat.

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