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In 700 words review literature related to effect of green packaging on consumer behavior in Ghana with APA referencing in text and list of references at the end.

Introduction Green packaging has become an increasingly popular concept in recent years as consumers become more environmentally conscious. It refers to using materials and methods that are environmentally-friendly in the packaging of products. In the past, packaging was solely focused on protecting the product, but now the focus has shifted towards sustainability and reducing the impact on the environment. This review will examine the literature related to the effect of green packaging on consumer behavior in Ghana. Green Packaging and Consumer Behavior Green packaging has a significant effect on consumer behavior, especially in developing countries like Ghana, where environmental awareness and sustainability initiatives are still emerging. Packaging is the first interaction that consumers have with a product, and it can influence their perception and purchase decision. According to Muhtaseb and Alnatour (2019), packaging attributes such as material, appearance, labeling, and disposal have a significant influence on consumer behavior. The use of green packaging materials, such as recycled paper and biodegradable plastics, can send a positive message to consumers about the company’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Perception of Green Packaging in Ghana A study by Tetteh et al. (2018) examined the perception of consumers in Ghana towards green packaging. The results showed that consumers have a positive attitude towards green packaging and would be willing to pay more for products with environmentally-friendly packaging. This finding is in line with other studies conducted in developed countries such as the United States and Europe, where consumers have shown a growing preference for sustainable packaging (Kalaycı, 2018). The study also found that consumers were more likely to trust and be loyal to companies that use green packaging, indicating that it has a significant impact on consumer behavior in Ghana. Effect on Purchase Intention Consumers’ purchase intention is influenced by various factors, and green packaging has been identified as one of them. A study by Lavanya and Devaraj (2016) examined the purchase intention of consumers towards eco-friendly packaged products in India. The results showed that consumers who were aware of the environmental benefits of green packaging were more likely to have a positive purchase intention. Similar results were found in a study by Aidoo and Aidoo (2019) in Ghana, where consumers who were aware of the environmental issues and benefits of green packaging were more likely to choose products with eco-friendly packaging. These findings indicate that consumer behavior towards purchasing products in Ghana is positively influenced by green packaging. Social Responsibility and Image Using green packaging can also help companies improve their image and corporate social responsibility. In the study by Tetteh et al. (2018), participants believed that companies using green packaging were more socially responsible and ethical. This finding highlights the potential benefits for companies to adopt green packaging not only for environmental reasons but also for improving their image and perception among consumers. Consumer’s Willingness to Pay A common argument against green packaging is that it would increase production costs, leading to a rise in product prices. However, studies have shown that consumers are willing to pay a premium for products with environmentally-friendly packaging. A study by Aidoo and Aidoo (2019) found that most consumers in Ghana were willing to pay up to 10% more for products with green packaging. This result is consistent with other studies, such as one conducted by Nunalampi and Esa (2018) in Malaysia, where consumers were willing to pay a higher price for green packaging. These findings suggest that companies should not be deterred by the potential increase in production costs and should instead focus on the potential benefit it could have on consumer behavior and willingness to pay. Conclusion In conclusion, the literature shows that green packaging has a significant impact on consumer behavior in Ghana. Consumers have a positive perception of products with environmentally-friendly packaging and are willing to pay more for them. Green packaging also has the potential to improve a company's image and social responsibility and increase purchase intention. Companies should consider adopting green packaging as a strategy to attract and retain customers in Ghana. Further research is needed to explore the potential barriers to the adoption of green packaging in Ghana and to identify strategies to overcome them. References: Aidoo, E. N. & Aidoo, R. (2019). Consumer attitude and intention towards environmentally friendly packaging products in Ghana. Journal of Enterprising Communities: People and Places in the Global Economy, 13(3), 387-403. Kalaycı, A. (2018). The impact of green packaging perception on consumer purchasing behavior. Hacettepe University Journal of Economics and Administrative Sciences, 36(4), 169-187. Lavanya, K. & Devaraj, R. (2016). Studying the influence of buying intention in food products with eco-friendly packaging in context of South India. International Journal of Managing Public Sector Information and Communication Technologies (IJMPICT), 7(3), 15-36. Muhtaseb, M. & Alnatour, R. (2019). The impact of sustainable packaging on consumers’ buying behavior: A literature review. Business and Management Studies, 5(2), 55-67. 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