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impact of waterways in india post world war 2

Waterways in India have had a significant impact on the country in the post-World War II period. The waterways provided essential means of transportation in connecting the urban and rural areas in the country, improved trade and market access. As transportation is essential for the economy to grow, the waterways have been instrumental in boosting the Indian economy as they helped to reduce the cost of transportation. The waterways also facilitated the movement of goods from the production centers to the market, thus helping in increased economic activity in the country. In addition, the waterways have provided employment opportunities to the people in the rural areas, helping in poverty reduction. The improvement in the waterways also helped in preventing the environmental pollution as it allowed for a more efficient way of carrying the goods and transportation. The improved waterway also helped in providing better irrigation facilities. Overall, the impact of waterways in India post-World War II has been instrumental in promoting economic growth and reducing poverty in the country.

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