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Impact of Environment in Emergence of Bronze Age Civilization in Mesopotamia IN 500 WORDS IN POINTS

1. The emergence of Bronze Age civilization in Mesopotamia greatly impacted the environment of the region. 2. The Bronze Age in Mesopotamia was a time of marked advancement in the development of agriculture, technology, metallurgy, development of cities, and religious practices. 3. The increased demand of Bronze Age societies for fuel and food led to an increase in crop production and improved irrigation. This in turn created great environmental pressure in the region, including deforestation and soil erosion. 4. The need for wood as fuel and to make construction materials led to the influx of many types of trees from outside the region. These trees had a direct effect on the local environment as they competed for resources with the native vegetation. 5. The introduction of a variety of new animal species to the region greatly affected the balance of the local ecosystems. 6. The emergence of new technologies also impacted the environment. Metallurgy, and the widespread use of metals like copper and bronze, created a massive increase in air pollution due to the burning of fuel and the refining of ore. 7. The creation of buildings and cities also had a drastic effect on the environment. Massive amounts of rock, stone and other resources were taken from the surrounding areas in order to build these cities. 8. Lastly, due to the increased population in the area during the Bronze Age, local habitats and wildlife were put under significant stress. This ultimately led to a decreased biodiversity and a destabilization of fragile ecosystems. Overall, the emergence of Bronze Age civilization in Mesopotamia had a profound effect on the environment of the region. On the one hand, it was a great advancement for the society, however, on the other hand, it caused drastic environmental changes that would continue to affect the area for centuries to come.

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