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Impact of Environment in Emergence of Bronze Age Civilization in Mesopotamia

The environment that existed in Mesopotamia around this time had a direct influence on the emergence of the Bronze Age civilization there. The warm, damp climate of Mesopotamia enabled the growth of crops such as barley and wheat, which were important for providing the necessities of life for the people. This meant that the region could sustain larger populations that could undertake more complex forms of agriculture, which in turn stimulated social and cultural developments. Other environmental factors such as the availability of timber and stones were crucial for the development of Bronze Age tools and structures. The rivers of the region also provided a source of minerals and water, allowing the craft and use of bronze, the new metal technology of the period. The rivers and canals were also important for transportation and commerce. The environment of Mesopotamia was also conducive to the development of ancient trade networks, as well as advances in writing and mathematics. This allowed for the spread of socio-cultural features throughout the area, and would have been essential in the formation of complex civilizations. In sum, the environment of Mesopotamia played a major role in the emergence of the Bronze Age civilization there.