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impact of airways in india after world war 2

The Air India Corporation (AIC) was created after World War II to put India on the wings of air transport. AIC and Indian Overseas Airlines, another new airline set up in 1946, helped modernize air transport in India and link isolated regions of the country with its vast lands. The AIC was the first Indian airline to introduce jet aircraft in 1960, and also the first to serve long-haul destinations, London in 1962. The airline provided air links and promoted air travel in India, improving connectivity with the outside world. Air India contributed to development of India's manufacturing industry by providing international transportation of goods, refueling aircraft, and securing international orders for Indian manufactured parts. The airline assumed an important role in promoting India to the world and serving its citizens. The airline also opened the door to other aviation opportunities in India, including air charter and aircraft leasing, and in later years, launched India's first world-class airport. The effects of Air India's influence on India are still evident in many areas today, from air travel and transportation to the progress of medical science and industry.

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