Artificial Intelligence
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If one were to travel back in time, then travel back to the present, would this violate the law of physics that states matter and energy can't be destroyed or created but can only change from one to the other, as, for a period of time, we have the same ma

The scenario described does not necessarily violate the law of conservation of matter and energy. In theory, if someone were to travel back in time and then return to the present, their matter and energy would have simply been transferred from one point in time to another. They have not been created or destroyed, only relocated. Additionally, it is not accurate to say that the matter and energy have been "replicated" three times. In this scenario, there is still only one person with one set of matter and energy. The fact that they exist at three different points in time does not mean they have been replicated. However, some scientific theories and principles, such as the butterfly effect and entropy, suggest that time travel may not be possible or may have unforeseen consequences that could potentially disrupt the laws of physics. These are still theories and have not been proven, so it is impossible to say for certain how time travel would truly affect the laws of physics.