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Identify a Nordic company that has gained international reputation. What do you think have been reasons for its reputation? To help you, you can find enclosed a PowerPoint listing a number of Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish companies. You can choos

One of the Nordic companies that has gained international reputation is IKEA, the Swedish multinational retail giant. IKEA is renowned for its affordable yet high quality furniture, its commitment to sustainability, and its consumer-centric advertising and marketing initiatives. The company's commitment to sustainability, which includes its efforts to use more renewable resources in its manufacturing processes and its dedication to reduce waste, as well as its focus on practical, good-looking and ergonomic design have all helped contribute to its international success. Its strategic marketing campaigns have also been key to building IKEA's consumer base, as it has become one of the world's most recognizable and trusted brands due to its clever and humorous advertisements. Its focus on offering competitive prices has also helped to ensure that its products remain accessible to consumers. Overall, IKEA's commitment to innovation, sustainability, practicality, quality and consumer-focused advertising have all been key in its international success, allowing it to become a major player in the global furniture market.

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