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identify a movement strategy in volleyball and consider the skills that can be used to achieve this strategy.

Movement strategy: Serve and Receive Skills necessary to achieve this strategy: • Serving: Ability to focus in order to hit the ball over the net; good aim, hand-eye coordination and a solid knowledge of basic volleyball rules. • Forearm Pass: Good hand-eye coordination, proper pass technique and an ideal body position for maximum power. • Setting: Ability to react quickly and accurately to the ball and anticipate where the hitter will hit it; solid understanding of setting technique. • Hitting: Ability to swing vigorously and accurately at the ball in order to send it back over the net; well-timed jumps and good hand-eye coordination in order to direct the ball where it needs to go. • Blocking: Good vertical jump; understanding when and how to shift from one block position to another; and knowledge of basic blocking tactics and rules.

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