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I need training provider vendor specifications for Profile Script Support Training Advanced:

Profile Script Support Training Advanced is a comprehensive course designed to provide learners with hands-on experience building and troubleshooting scripts for the Profile Scripts platform. This course covers all aspects of scripting, including syntax, functions, control structures, data manipulation, debugging, and optimization. The profile script support training advanced course should include: • An introduction to the Profile Scripts platform and scripting environment • A comprehensive course on scripting fundamentals such as syntax, functions, control structures, and data manipulation • Hands-on experience with debugging, optimization, and customizing scripts • A review of common scripting errors and how to resolve them • An introduction to working with database connections (ODBC and JDBC) • A survey of scripting frameworks and tools used in developing Profile Scripts • Tips and best practices for developing reliable, maintainable scripts • Instruction on deploying and testing scripts in a live environment • A final review exam to help students build confidence and mastery in using the Profile Scripts platform

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