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Bridal Shower Husband Spanking husband gets enema and spanked my wife Sorority Girl Spank Listen, bitch! Lucy shouted as she gripped his hair and started yanking ... Swollen Whelped Ass Swollen Whelped Ass Still to come.. Part 3 the bride's bachelorette party I repeat- the wedding follows soon after ‘the molebo’. Only a few days after the zealous ‘hen party’ saw Natalie brought to the point of hysterical climax by the joint efforts of her best friends who were bestowed the honor of organizing it. They gave her this wholesome send-off with aplomb and had brought her to the brink of unbridled sexual pleasure, and actually caressed her more than her fiancé did in normal days. A few days afterwards they conceived a plan to give the groom a taste of the same medicine, and by then it was they who were shrieking with thunderous laughter. To fulfill their aim they used an ingenious idea whereon they made him perform a series of phony semi-nude poses, coupled with the brattish and bizarre demands concurrently made by Natalie to keep her perfect new lover from cumming. They wanted to entertain the bachelorette’s guests at her ‘meet and greet dinner’ to provide the ultimate girly climax of trashy spectacle. Unsurprisingly, everyone at the bridal shower could see the proverbial boner proudly saluting under his jeans; in fact the ladies were hungrier for it than he was! However, all was not fair! Every element of the hus