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How would you apply the stakeholder salience model to the company BlackRock

The stakeholder salience model is a framework for analyzing the relative salience, or “importance,” of stakeholders to an organization. To apply the model to BlackRock, one needs to identify the primary stakeholders and analyze the power they hold over the company, their legitimacy, and the urgency of their interests. Applying this model, the primary stakeholders of BlackRock are likely to include customers, investors, financial markets, employees, regulators, and the public. Through an analysis of each stakeholder, a better understanding of their relative importance to BlackRock can be derived. For instance, customers will have a high relative importance due to their power to switch companies, investors will be seen as a major source of the company’s funding, financial markets and regulators will be seen as important influencers of the company’s operations, and the public will be seen as a key source of reputation management. By applying the stakeholder salience model to BlackRock, a more informed and strategic course of action can be taken for managing the company and its relationships with stakeholders.

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