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How to say reason for leaving at other company

There are a few ways you could phrase your reason for leaving your previous job at another company: 1. "I was looking for new challenges and opportunities for growth." 2. "I wanted to explore other industries/roles that aligned with my career goals." 3. "I was seeking a company that had a stronger company culture/team dynamic." 4. "I needed a change of pace and a fresh start." 5. "I was looking for a better work-life balance." 6. "I wanted to relocate to a new city/area." 7. "I had reached a plateau in my previous role and was ready for a new challenge." 8. "I was seeking a company with a stronger focus on [specific aspect of company culture or values]." 9. "There was a lack of opportunities for advancement in my previous role." 10. "I wanted to join a company that aligned with my personal values and beliefs."