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How to relinquish US citizenship at UN?

To relinquish US citizenship at the UN, follow these steps: 1. Obtain a Certificate of Loss of Nationality (CLN) from the US Department of State: Before presenting your case at the UN, you must have a CLN from the US Department of State to prove that you have officially renounced your US citizenship. 2. Notify the UN of your intention to relinquish US citizenship: Contact the UN’s Legal Office in New York and inform them of your intention to relinquish your US citizenship. You may need to provide evidence such as your CLN and any other documents that support your decision. 3. Submit a written statement to the UN: Prepare a written statement explaining your reasons for relinquishing US citizenship and why you believe you are eligible for diplomatic status at the UN. This statement must be submitted to the UN’s Legal Office for review. 4. Provide proof of diplomatic status: You will need to provide a letter from your country’s government confirming your status as a diplomat and your need to relinquish US citizenship. 5. Attend a meeting with the UN’s Legal Office: Once your statement and documents have been reviewed, you will be invited to attend a meeting with the UN’s Legal Office. During this meeting, you will be required to provide further information and answer any questions related to your request. 6. Await a decision from the UN: After the meeting, the UN’s Legal Office will review your case and make a decision on whether to grant you diplomatic status. If your request is approved, you will be issued a letter of appointment and your name will be entered into the UN’s diplomatic list. 7. Take an oath of allegiance: As a final step, you will be required to take an oath of allegiance to your country’s government and the UN, renouncing your allegiance to the US. It is important to note that relinquishing US citizenship at the UN is a complex and lengthy process that may take several months to complete. It is recommended to seek the assistance of a professional immigration lawyer or your country’s embassy at the UN for guidance.