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how to make python more easier

1. Read Documentation: Documentation is very essential for any programming language. Explore the Python language documentation to understand better the features of the language. 2. Use Python Libraries: Exploit the Python libraries as much as possible, to avoid reinventing the wheel and to make your work more efficient. 3. Use an Integrated Development Environment: IDEs are used to make programming easier. Choose one that suits your needs best. 4. Write Tests: Writing tests for each piece of your code will help keep your code organized and easier to maintain. 5. Write a Blog: Keeping a blog is a great way to track your progress and share your work with others. 6. Use Stack Overflow:When you’re having difficulty in understanding a particular concept, asking a question on Stack Overflow can help you find your answer. 7. Participate in Open Source Projects: Participating in open source projects helps you learn the best ways to develop code. 8. Use Online Courses: It is a better way to learn things instead of traditional methods and helps you stay up-to-date with the latest trends. 9. Work with Python Real Projects: Seeing the flow of real projects practice and eventually you will find yourself understanding the programming environment a lot better. 10. Read Code: Reading code written by experienced Python developers is an effective way to learn and absorb better the language.

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